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Halloween is just a few weeks away and you need to get your wicked kool on!

Here are 5 tips for decor, food, drinks, lighting and music that are sure to inspire you.  Halloween orange is done & dead. So over used! Save orange for small things and floral accents.  Here I will show you how to use other colors + chic pumpkin ideas. You will impress your guests with a fresh, KOOL twist on your decor. 

1.   Your entrance is your guests first impression of your spooky style.  All their eyes are on you…but let’s give your guests something to look at!



Eye Got This 

Give your guests some KOOL eyes to look at!  These are from Grandinroad and come in two sizes.  Add candles, books, twigs and a lovely flower arrangement.  



 For an eye stopper, I selected this Michael Aram’s vase with ginkgo leaves at the bottom.  Michael’s collection is all about nature done with metal and it keeps with my concept. Not in photo – getting new photo.



Somebody’s Watching You 

These white chocolate eye balls are scary fun! Pair then with books skeletons, slithering snakes and leaves from your yard (or buy if you live in NYC) I found this hand at a second “hand” store and how kool is it holding an eye. 



Go Gold and Go Bold

Gold, it’s classic and timeless.  Who wants a white skull in their entrance? Do KOOL, go Gold! Pair it with white and the simplicity of the combination is beautiful.  Nature and fashion provide an expressiveness for an entrance.  My inspiration behind this was my love for Alexander McQueen.  The black candle is babies by diptyque.  The French know how to make scents linger & your guests will love.  The stunning vase in the background is by Jonathan Adler.  The white porcelain with butterflies add to my McQueen on Halloween concept!  Fill this vase with gorgeous white flowers and add touches of green. The feather keeps with the nature concept while adding texture and drama. 


Welcome Your Guests

KOOL HOST TIP:  Stand at the front door in the beginning and greet your guests.  Make eye contact! It’s that personal, social connection & quick hello which is key! Plus after a few drinks you may not remember who came!



2.  It’s all about the Pumpkins and featuring them different & KOOL. You don’t have to go to the standard orange pumpkin…look at these hip options!



“YOUR’E” not Charlie Brown in the Pumpkin Patch

You’re KOOL! Pick up some interesting pumpkins either at a farm or a grocery store near your location. I personally like the solid colors of celadon, white and what I call “rose gold”.  Then make sure you “stripe a pose” and get some of these beauties!  They really add life and dimension to your decor.



How they look once you’re home

The rose gold warty pumpkin looks so Kool on my desk with a Tom Dixon lamp.  I love black with rose gold accents.  But, really, this color looks good with almost anything! It’s such a perfect neutral.



 Spray Paint Your Pumpkins 

Black and white is the new “orange”. I took orange pumpkins and spray painted them matte white and matte black for this table setting.  But, you can use them throughout your house.  White looks good in kitchens & bathrooms. Red as an accent makes for a sultry spiced up bloody looking decor.  Fruit also, is a cheap simple way to bring dimension to any setting.  Pumpkins are technically a fruit, so keep it going! 




Glass and Velvet Pumpkins 

This is truly a magical combination for halloween.  They provide transparency and texture all at the same time.  As an accent color use yellow instead of orange.  Sunflowers are great at this time of year. I picked up this black velvet at my local grocery store, but you can find them online. These glass pumpkins are by Simon and Pearce and the butterfly is by Baccarat. 



3.   Trick up Your Drinks and Your Treats 

Who doesn’t need a spooky cocktail on halloween? Here are some fun ideas to get the KOOL fun started. Pick your poison! 



Your Best Shot

Make sure all of your guests are vaccinated for halloween!  Serve up some bloody mary mix in syringes on ice.  You can buy these on amazon and don’t forget the skull ice cube holders for that chilly final touch. If bloody mary’s are not your poison, go for cranberry & vodka in the syringe and serve them up in a champagne glass. 



Bloody Maria 

The bloody Maria uses Tequila instead of vodka. Add a lemon wedge, lime juice, Worcestershire sauce, celery salt and black pepper.  You can throw in a little jalapeño to make this drink “hot”!  Rim the glass with all natural obsidian black salt to top it off.  Day of the Dead decor adds color and complements to this agave spirit cocktail. 


Bloody Skull

You can purchase these eerie skull mugs on Amazon.  To have this bloody mary mix and all the condiments, simply order from Stonewall Kitchen.  Use their carrots, asparagus, lemon olives to put on a skewer.   Squeeze in lot’s of lemon, add the Worcester sauce, celery salt and pepper to taste.  Don’t forget the celery stick to give this skull some height.  You can also use their cucumber dill mix. Do the same as regular mix but add a cucumber slice to the skewer and some fresh dill.




Skulls Brew

For this brew ha ha you can use the same skull mug from Amazon.  Put the mugs in the freezer to keep the beer icy cold with some frost.  Make sure to tilt the mug 45 degrees while pouring the beer to get less foam on the top.   This drink is an easy party pleasure served in a scary face, but puts a smile on your guests face. 


Devils Margarita 

This is an easy fast cocktail that will make you smile with a devilish grin. It has a sweet but tart taste that is refreshingly KOOL. Grab your cocktail shaker fill it with ice then add in 2 shots of blanco tequila, lime juice, and simple syrup. Shake until chilled and pour into glass of choice…I chose this tall champagne glass so you could really see the colors. I used a small funnel to pour the wine on the top of the glass. Two fingers worth. If you don’t have a funnel use a spoon and slowly pour the wine on the spoon & then pour the wine in to the margarita mix.  3-4 tablespoons worth, just note that the wine will automatically float to the top. Garnish with a sliced lime on the rim. You can also add black obsidian salt if serving in a regular margarita glass. 



Wine (Weird) Science 

You have to put on the song Weird Science by Oingo Boingo when you serve this!  Maybe, even put on a lab coat! Your guests will then understand your intentions.  This is so easy & scientifically fun it’s scary! Decant your wine in a Karter Scientific set from Amazon. Then add to your Amazon cart the Labvida low form glass beakers for your guests to sip the wine from.  No whining at your party, your guests will be howling! 


Poisoned Carmel Apple 

I saved the sweetest drink for last.  This is so so good, it’s lip smacking KOOL good! You may fall into a deep sleep after 3 of these.  Pour the Carmel sauce onto a plate and smooth out with a spoon. Then mix equal parts of cinnamon & sugar on separate plate.  Dip your glass into the caramel first and then dip into cinnamon sugar to get that perfect rim.  Mix fresh chilled apple juice with 2 shots of Kissed Caramel Vodka. Serve in a martini glass with an apple slice floating on the top. Enjoy the SWEET poison.



NOW FOR YOUR savory and sweet treats. 

Let’s start with the savory…



A halloween charcuterie board with cheese, pickles, mustard, nuts yum! Top it off with mini gords, berries and leaves.  My favorite cheeseis Beehive Cheese.  Try these two, Barely Buzzed & Apple Walnut Smoked. Your guests won’t take their hands off this one!  

After all the parties I’ve thrown, the two favorites appetizers and guests can’t get enough are pigs in the blanket and mini grilled cheese sandwiches.  You can buy the standard pigs in a blanket at your local supermarket in the frozen section.  Add one candy eye, and it’s called a “one eyed pig”.  



These mummy hot dogs are super easy to make by wrapping them in crescent roll dough.  I sliced the hot dogs in half to make them flat and stay on the tray. 

Put on the candy eyes with a dab of musturd. Don’t forget the musturd on the side for dipping then add two eyes on top.  Mum’s the word to your guests how easy these are to make.



Mini triangle grilled cheese sandwiches served in a shot glass over ketchup…are bloody tasty!  I like to use white cheese, swiss or gruyere – mixing it up from the classic orange cheddar.  



Serve up some Halloween cookies at your party.  Easy and ghostly festive on your table.  This is the Happy Halloween Cookie  gift set from Eleni’s New York.



Classic Carmel apples that adults and kids the will go for!  To  make them freaking fun, I added spider rings around the stick and some gummy worms!  Served on a gold tray with a black matte spray painted pumpkin.  



Don’t forget the cake!  You can buy these two from We Take The Cake on Gold Belly’s website. Serve with some bubbly champagne in vintage coupe glass. 


The black rose red velvet cake is to die for!  The colors are so dramatic once you slice it up!  The red interior will make you feel like a vampire as you gobble it up!



Batman is always a good way to get some Gotham at your party!  This Halloween Bats  Chocolate 4 layer cake is no joke, just good!  

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