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Be the Architect of Your Own Kool Life

I feel strongly that a fast paced life shouldn’t take away your style. Through this blog I want to inspire you to get your KOOL on and do it seamlessly so you can do more things.

Girls we are on the GO!

With work, kids, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, partners, dogs, etc. I will give you the tips to stylize your home, beauty, health, entertaining, travel, & look gorgeously KOOL while doing it ALL.

My “mission” is to empower you with fresh new ideas and give you confidence. Make your life easier, so you have more time being you! Become what you’ve always wanted and let’s build your life, in style!

Be KOOL & Stay KOOL,

Xoxo Kathy

Be the architect of your kool life.

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Kathy is a designer, philanthropist, mother, founder, and lifestyle blogger based in New York City, Bridgehampton, Palm Beach, FL and Park City, UT. Here she shares her love of Design, Architecture, Fashion, Entertaining, Health, Beauty, and how to build a KOOL life with style.

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